The Jedi Masters of Client Experience

“In our industry, enterprise tools are archaic and hard to use, so the bar is set very low. There’s tons of opportunities for new entrants that can deliver better advisor experience.”

— Mike Sha, CEO, SigFig

David Canter, Executive VP, Head of the RIASegment, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, and Mike Sha, CEO and co-founder of digital advice technology vendor SigFig, may not have trained as a Jedi for 800 years, but they are leading members of the Wealth Management High Council and experts in optimizing Customer Experience (CX).

At the recent InvestWest Conference, I sat down with David and Mike to ask them about training young RIA firms, clearing your mind, simplifying your solutions, and looking into the ever-shifting future of the advice industry.

Click here to see the full transcript and listen to this episode.

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