#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 38: 3 Reasons Advisors Shouldn’t Do Everything Themselves with Jim Palumbo

“We have one humongous arch-nemesis and the initials are DIY. The do it yourself-ers have ultimately decided to just try to go it on their own. A majority of advisors don’t choose a platform like ours, end up just doing everything themselves and here they are a year or two later, their hair is still on fire and they work until eight o’clock at night trying to catch up other things. It’s not a great life.”

— Jim Palumbo, Principal and Chief Development Officer at Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Jim Palumbo’s passion is to put the client first and help advisors adopt best practices to bring their end clients the very best experience possible. After 25 years in the industry, his family packed their lives into a motor home and travelled the country while Jim continued to run his business entirely from his laptop. Dynamic Wealth Advisors is an RIA and advisory practice development firm serving wealth and retirement plan advisors for nearly a decade.

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