#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 41: Highlight Reel #2 from the T3 Advisor Conference

“What we’re trying to do is help firms to streamline that process so that we can allow firms to create unique experiences at scale. So think of it as personalization to scale, not just for large firms, but leveling the playing field through smaller firms that are RIAs and BDs combined to be able to create that unicorn experience. Paint the picture, if you will, of their user experience themselves at a much more manageable cost.”

— Oleg Tishkevich, Invent.us

I spent almost an entire week at the T3 Advisor Conference and I can safely say that it was hands down the best T3 of the ten or so that I have attended!  So much learning, lots of great speakers and panels sessions, some ground-breaking announcements, and of course, terrific networking with people from across the industry.

This is the second of three episodes from T3 that we’re put together for our Wealth Management Today podcast by Ezra Group. We had so many interviews. 24 to be exact!  Too many for a single episode, so we’re compiling them into three, that’s really the “Best of T3”!

This week, our first group of industry experts include Tricia Haskins from Fidelity Institutional, Matthew Radgowski from Morningstar, Robb Baldwin from TradePMR, Charles Reiling from Coastal Equities, Craig Cintron from TD Ameritrade, Kartik Srinivasan from Charles Schwab, and Oleg Tishkevich from Invent.us.

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