#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 42: Highlight Reel #3 from the T3 Advisor Conference

“I think in year one and year two really what we were trying to do that was different was bring advisors together, not with the salespeople who sell technology, but with the people who actually develop technology. The whole premise of T3 was bring your developers to the booth. Don’t bring your salespeople.”

–Joel Bruckenstein, Producer of T3 Technology Hub

The T3 Advisor Conference is the leading practice management and technology conference for independent and hybrid financial advisors. Produced annually by Joel Bruckenstein, this year’s event was jam-packed with interesting sessions provided by the leading thought leaders in the financial planning profession and financial services industry. We were lucky enough to host the T3 Podcasting Station for the second time, and have compiled three episodes’ worth of interviews with industry VIPs.

Click here to read the full transcript and listen to this episode.

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